Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment

Nanotechnology cancer treatments may lead to destroying cancer tumors with minimal damage to healthy tissue and organs, as well as the detection and elimination of cancer cells before they form tumors.

Most efforts to improve cancer treatment through nanotechnology are at the research or development stage. However, there are many universities and companies around the world working in this area.

The next section provides examples of the research underway, a few of the methods discussed have reached the pre-clinical or clinical trial stage.


Nanotechnology Cancer Treatments –  Nanoparticle Chemotherapy

 A targeted chemotherapy treatment under development uses a nanoparticle called CRLX101. The company developing this targeted chemotherapy method is called Cerulean Pharma.

Researchers at the University of Georgia are working on a method to fight prostate cancer. They are using nanoparticles to deliver a molecule called IPA-3 to the cancer cells. In laboratory mice studies the IPA-3 appears to reduce the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Researchers are testing the use of chemotherapy drugs attached to nanodiamonds to treat brain tumors. The nanodiamond/chemotherapy drug combination stays in the tumor longer than the chemotherapy drug by itself, which should increase the effectiveness.

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