Importance of Biomaterials to Biomedical Engineering – Material Science 2019


  1. Medical implants, including heart valves, stents, and grafts; artificial joints, ligaments, and tendons; hearing loss implants; dental implants; and devices that stimulate nerves.
  2. Methods to promote healing of human tissues, including sutures, clips, and staples for wound closure, and dissolvable dressings.
  3. Regenerated human tissues, using a combination of biomaterial supports or scaffolds, cells, and bioactive molecules. Examples include a bone-regenerating hydrogel and a lab-grown human bladder.
  4. Molecular probes and nanoparticles that breakthrough biological barriers and aid in cancer imaging and therapy at the molecular level.
  5. Biosensors to detect the presence and amount of specific substances and to transmit that data. Examples are blood glucose monitoring devices and brain activity sensors.
  6. Drug-delivery systems that carry and/or apply drugs to a disease target. Examples include drug-coated vascular stents and implantable chemotherapy wafers for cancer patients.

To know More about Biomaterials grab the chance and attend the forthcoming Conference: 6th International Conference on Material Science and Nanotechnology

Dates of the Conference: July 22-23, 2019

Venue: Rome, Italy

For more Details: Material Science 2019


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