Biosensor Applications – Material Science 2019 @Rome @Italy

Biosensors are devices comprising a biological element and a physiochemical detector that are used to detect analytes. These instruments have a wide range of applications ranging from clinical through to environmental and agricultural. The devices are also used in the food industry.


Some examples of the fields that use biosensor technology include:

  • General healthcare monitoring
  • Screening for disease
  • Clinical analysis and diagnosis of disease
  • Veterinary and agricultural applications
  • Industrial processing and monitoring
  • Environmental pollution control

Biosensors can provide cost-effective, easy-to-use, sensitive and highly accurate detection devices in a variety of research and commercial applications. Some examples of these applications are described below.

Clinical and Diagnostic Applications

One well-known example of a clinically applied biosensor is the glucose monitor, which is used on a routine basis by diabetic individuals to check their blood sugar level. These devices detect the amount of blood glucose in undiluted blood samples allowing for the easy self-testing and monitoring that has revolutionized diabetes management.

Applications in industry

Biosensors are used in the food industry to measure carbohydrates, alcohols, and acids, for example, during quality control processes. The devices may also be used to check fermentation during the production of beer, yogurt, and soft drinks. Another important application is their use in detecting pathogens in fresh meat, poultry or fish.

To know More about Biosensors grab the chance and attend the forthcoming Conference: 6th International Conference on Material Science and Nanotechnology

Dates of the Conference: July 22-23, 2019

Venue: Rome, Italy

For more Details: Material Science 2019

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