Nanoparticle Applications in Manufacturing and Materials – Advanced Materials 2019


Ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles dispersed in magnesium produce a strong, lightweight material.

A synthetic skin, that may be used in prosthetics, has been demonstrated with both self-healing capability and the ability to sense pressure. The material is a composite of nickel nanoparticles and a polymer. If the material is held together after a cut it seals together in about 30 minutes giving it a self-healing ability. Also, the electrical resistance of the material changes with pressure, giving it a sense ability like touch.

Silicate nanoparticles can be used to provide a barrier to gasses (for example oxygen), or moisture in a plastic film used for packaging. This could slow down the process of spoiling or drying out in food.

Zinc oxide nanoparticles can be dispersed in industrial coatings to protect wood, plastic, and textiles from exposure to UV rays.

Silicon dioxide crystalline nanoparticles can be used to fill gaps between carbon fibers, thereby strengthening tennis racquets.

Silver nanoparticles in a fabric are used to kill bacteria, making clothing odor-resistant.

To know More about Nanoparticles grab the chance and attend the forthcoming Conference: 5th International Conference on Advanced Material Research and Nanotechnology.

Dates of the Conference: May 22-23, 2019
Venue: Rome, Italy
For more Details: Advanced Materials 2019
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